IPA: Your partner in building construction

It doesn’t matter whether it’s positive and negative sealing of buildings, drying out masonry, renovation of damp buildings contaminated with salt, repairing concrete, protecting and repairing facades: IPA Bauchemie is your partner when it comes to building sites.

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IPANEX® – maximum performance for concrete

IPANEX®, the concrete admixture, gives you the concrete for the construction of the future – no matter how aggressive the environment is! Increase in long-term durability
increase in life expectancy
Increase in waterproofness
Protection of reinforcement against corrosion

Further information at IPANEX.DE

concrete repair


In this area of concrete technology or concrete cosmetics, it is important, among other things, to bridge the largest possible spans with structures that are as slim as possible. These can only fulfill their tasks if their concrete structure is homogeneous and free of defects, the reinforcing steel is sufficiently covered with concrete and this has sufficient alkalinity.

Concrete repair – a topic that will play an increasingly important role in the coming years. The greater the number of old buildings, the greater the need for renovation.

IPA Bauchemie Produkte GmbH offers a comprehensive range of products for the protection or renovation of concrete structures.